Sunday, September 09, 2007

Are we...poor?

Long gone are the days when I can make the big money teaching English. I have lived in Canada for two years now, and I'm waiting on my third year to roll by, so I can apply for Canadian citizenship. I certainly didn't settle in the right place to become an overnight sensation, much less a millionaire. But we are homeowners, and that's more than I expected...I'm hoping that my story will be sufficiently interesting that I can turn it into a CBC radio special. Since the over-50 crowd would be the ones I'd be attracting on the CBC. Well, not really, but that's about the best I can hope for.

I think that the nation's pride would be bolstered by an American who couldn't cut it in his own country, so he left it, switched teams, and ended up not only gay, but Canadian. And I have to confess, since Tim isn't likely to read this post, that I'm only in it for the free health care. Plus, I love paying taxes.

I'm also just writing so my YouTube video gets pushed down the page a little. I didn't feel like staring at my ugly mug when I check this blog every month or so.


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